VM 9-ball information fra WPA

DDBU har fået følgende mail fra EPBF, der har fået den af WPA.
VM kontrakten med Qatar er revet over. Ny arrangør offentliggøres snart.

“Dear All

It is with regret that I inform you, but today I have written to the Qatar Billiards & Snooker Federation advising them of the decision taken by the WPA Board to terminate the contract for the men’s 9-Ball World Championship between WPA and QBSF for failing to maintain the terms and conditions of the Agreement.

In several meetings and discussions with QBSF over the past few months, they stated that they would be likely to host the 2020 event for the final time and then look at the possibility of starting another international event to take its place. Despite almost daily assurances from them recently that they would send the letter “today or tomorrow” to confirm, it has never arrived, therefore leaving us we with no alternative but to action our decision.

We do have another Organiser who will take over our prestigious Championship as of this year and will do the event very proud. I believe there will be an official announcement regarding this in the coming days.


Ian Anderson”

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