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18 championships in 10 days European Championships are back in Brandenburg On April, 25th 2015 the event’s patrons, the major of the city of Brandenburg, Dr. Dietlind Tiemann, and Brandenburg’s Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, Günter Baaske, will inaugurate this year’s European Championships of the continental federation “Confédération Européenne de Billard” (CEB). Two years ago, the Stahlpalast had already been the venue for the tournament before. This year, the German CEB-President Wolfgang Rittmann and his organisation team again chose the city on the Havel. Rittmann stated: “The number of billiard main events, which have already successfully taken place in Brandenburg, made us choose this location.  Our expectations concerning the infrastructure close to the hotel have even been exceeded then. So it was obvious to come back in 2015.” Having all disciplines consolidated, has shown out to be a great success two years ago. The European Federation kept this concept. From April, 24th to May, 3rd roundabout 500 athletes from all Member Associations will meet to establish the European Champions for women, men and juniors in 18 different tournaments. Especially the youth is important to Rittmann: “Because they are the future of our sport”. The men’s Three-Cushion-Tournament with prize money of 30.000 € will probably encounter the greatest interest. The assembled world elite will start here, e. g. titleholder Marco Zanetti from Italy, but also Fréderic Caudron (Belgium) and Torbjörn Blomdahl from Sweden already confirmed their participation. The German participants want to have a say in the tournament, too. Christian Rudolph (Bottrop) has been European runner-up in 2013 and surely wants to win a medal again. Also Martin Horn from Bergisch-Gladbach has to be in focus. He lately proved his skills by being runner-up at the Lausanne Masters. Birilli, the game with five small pins placed in the centre of the table, which have to be knocked down with a carom, is also a very well-known variety in Germany. This discipline is very popular in Italy, too. Therefore, the Italian provide the gold-medallists in both the single and the team event in 2013. Germany again positions a very strong team, particularly compiled by the federal states Brandenburg and Sachsen. A few years ago they managed to beat the Azzurri for the first time – so maybe this year again? The entry is free during all title fights and it is also possible to follow the event online. All results can be found on eurobillard.org. Additionally, all matches will be streamed live on kozoom.com. Visit touch-magazine.net to see the photo galleries and reviews of the day, provided in three languages.


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